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Travel Medicine
Have you planned a vacation?
Are you aware of the hidden health dangers of your destination?

Choose prevention as your travel companion and leave safely.

Learn about the Travel Medicine services
Business Travel Medicine
Do you often travel for work?
Are you informed about the risks associated with your trip?

A careful health protocol will prepare you to face the unexpected.

Learn about Business Travel Medicine services
Occupational Medicine
Are you an employer?
Are you looking for an expert partner in the field of health and safety at work?

We offer targeted solutions
to protect you and your employees.

Learn about the services of Occupational Medicine
Health Prevention
We care about your well-being.
We respond competently to your needs

Our services are designed to best support your health.

Learn about Health Prevention services
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news from the healthcare world?
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Specify one of the three available profiles

Your safety and health are at the heart of our commitment.
You can count on the expertise of a dedicated team.
Travel Assistant

Vacation or work, an assistant dedicated to choosing the most suitable suitable Travel Medicine and Business Travel Medicine services to guarantee health and safety while travelling.

Ambimed Specialist

It supports companies in the management of Occupational Medicine services for the protection of health and the training of employees in the field of prevention and safety.

Care Team

An assistant dedicated to private customers for support in the selection and booking of health prevention services in the Ambimed network of medical facilities.

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