Pre-travel medical consultations

Pre-travel medical consultations

In the history of humanity it has never been easier to travel from one side of the world to the other. Our horizons have never been so wide and this allows us to enjoy amazing experiences, whether it is a beach holiday or a journey to explore the Amazon. However, these experiences can be ruined by a variety of health issues. Fortunately, most are easily preventable with a bit of preparation.

To protect our health and that of our loved ones, it is important to know what these problems are and they can be avoided, in order to guarantee maximum peace of mind during the trip. With the support of the best in travel medicine, Ambimed answers all your doubts with pre-travel medical consultations.

Available in person in our Ambimed Points or remotely (video call), our consultations prepare you by putting you in contact with medical specialists for a customised risk analysis based on your needs - for your peace of mind.

Choose where to go, we will tell you what you need

  • Specialists in Infectiology and Tropical Dermatology
  • Health risk assessment based on the travel itinerary
  • Personalised advice based on your medical history
  • Vaccine prophylaxis for a safe departure
  • Behavioural advice and up-to-date health information

Protect your health on the go. Choose the right medical consultation for you and let us guide you towards a carefree holiday.


Starting from the itinerary, the time of year and the activities you have planned for the trip, our specialists will guide you through the best practices to prevent the diseases you may be exposed to at your destination.

From insect protection techniques to the most common vaccinations, a pre-travel medical consultation is the first step to travel with awareness and safety.

In Ambimed Point
70,00 Euro

Video consultation
60,00 Euro

What if there is the risk of contracting malaria at your destination? Our specialists will guide you through the best practices to prevent infection according to your destination’s conditions and your medical history. With Ambimed, you receive your medical prescription for the purchase of drugs and start drug prophylaxis even from home , without having to go to the clinic.

The term "prophylaxis" refers, in general, to all the practices to be put in place to prevent the onset of a disease. It can range from the use of spray repellent against mosquitoes to vaccination. For malaria there is no vaccine, but the chances of infection can be reduced with specific drugs, which must be prescribed by a doctor based on the specific risk of the destination.

In Ambimed Point
50,00 Euro

Video consultation
40,00 Euro

A tailor-made guide to vaccinations, specific for what you need. After analysing your medical history, including any medications you are using, any disabilities and immune conditions, allergies, ongoing pregnancies or breastfeeding, our specialists will tell which vaccinations are most useful to protect your health.

Vaccination is based on the exposure of an infectious agent to our immune system. Administered orally or through an injection (parenteral route), a vaccine contains the treated versions of the disease-causing bacterium or virus, or of some of its proteins or the toxins it produces (e.g. the tetanus vaccine); the treatment makes them harmless.

In this way, the immune system can be “trained” to mount a defence against infection, developing an immunological memory in a safe context. This elicits a rapid and precise response when the infectious agents are encountered again, neutralising the threat before the disease develops.

In Ambimed Point
50,00 Euro

Video consultation
40,00 Euro
Do you want to organize your next trip around the world in the best and safest way? Listen to the tips by dr. Vincenzo Nicosia, Scientific Director of Ambimed for Travel Medicine. Good vision.


Some destinations, in particular Africa, Asia, South America and many other destinations, expose the traveler to potential infectious events.
Do not underestimate the importance of a medical consultation, leave informed about the unknowns associated with your destination and ensure a wonderful trip even before taking the flight.

During the consultation, through an interview, the doctor will assess the health unknowns related to your trip.

  • Your medical history: getting to know you thoroughly is the first step to make you leave safely. Together we will do a thorough medical history by meticulously reconstructing your medical history;
  • Activities you have planned, such as nature hikes or events with large gatherings of people;
  • The itinerary chosen with a focus on the regions to visit, the season and duration of the trip;
  • The type of accommodation for the whole holiday period;
  • Sharing of the best pharmacological and / or behavioral prophylaxis to follow.
After having collected all the useful information, the specialist will propose the most correct prevention to follow based on your destination. Not all countries are the same, no story is taken for granted.

There are places in the world where it is not enough to bring an umbrella or an extra sweater. You need a travel pharmacy that provides a careful analysis of the potential health risks associated with your destination. Our specialists will be able to recommend the best portable pharmacy based on your medical history and the health situation of the goal to be reached.

Choose the mode that is most comfortable for you:

  • in the Ambimed Points, Travel Medicine clinics
  • or, remotely via video consultation.

In both modalities, our medical teams will take care of your health and help you face the journey with the utmost serenity.

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We specialise in Travel Medicine and protect the health of international travellers with targeted services.

We assist you wherever you are. In the Ambimed Points or remotely, via video consultation.

We provide you with up-to-date health information about your destination.

We have a dedicated customer service, ready to respond competently and quickly to all your doubts.


Pre-travel medical consultations:
more and more people rely on us.


International vaccinations:
growing numbers of people think about their safety before leaving.


Post-travel health check-ups:
we spread awareness of a safe return from international destinations.

Our customers are well aware of this and continue to choose us.

“I had no idea Travel Medicine even existed: I discovered it and I think it is very useful for people who travel often like me, for both work and vacation.”
(Mauro D.)

“Ambimed is a precious source of practical health advice for travellers: I often found myself following their advice while I was traveling and it was very useful!”
(Sabrina F.)

“Now I no longer go abroad unless I have a medical consultation with Ambimed's specialists first: they are my main travel companions. Try them!”
(Carla P.)

Your safety and health are at the heart of our commitment.
Do you have any doubts? Call your dedicated assistant.
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