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When preparing to travel it is important to be aware of the potential health issues that you may encounter, as well as of the obligations that you are subject to in order to reach your destination(s).

Often, it involves vaccination or confirming that you do not have an infection, as well as identifying possible problems to be aware of due to your conditions at the time of travel. For all screening needs before departure, Ambimed is at your side with a network of specialists and facilities equipped for your every need.


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Antibody titration is a test that measures the amount of antibodies of a specific type in the blood (antibody titre). Antibodies, or immunoglobulins, are proteins produced by the immune system (especially B lymphocytes) as part of the response to the presence of foreign agents, such as viruses and bacteria.

Their function can be compared to that of a lighthouse: they are present on the membrane of lymphocytes or in the plasma, and they bind to the antigens of the foreign agent, allowing the immune system to recognise it as a threat and to respond accordingly.

Antibodies are initially produced upon first contact with new antigens, but their activity is not limited to the period of infection. Once the foreign agent has been eradicated, a "supply" of antibodies remains in the body, ready to reactivate when the antigen appears again, creating what is effectively a memory of past infections.

It is thanks to this mechanism that vaccines can exist: by safely exposing the body to the antigen, immunological memory is created without causing the disease. For this reason, the antibody titre can help us identify vaccinations that have already been carried out even if we do not have access to the certificates or vaccination file.


In order to enter many countries it is necessary to present the negative result of a COVID-19 test, which certifies that you are not infected at the time of travel.

Ambimed is able to offer you the type of test that best suits your needs, with a wide selection of centres in Italy, the UK and the USA in which samples can be taken, with report-delivery times suitable for your trip.


Ambimed supports you from before departure in managing travel in compliance with the regulations of the individual destinations, through a package of services aimed at making every phase of your journey a pleasant and worry-free experience.


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