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It is the leading cause of meningitis and pneumonia in children, with an estimated 14.5 million cases worldwide each year, with 735,00 deaths among children under 5 years.

Cos'è il papilloma-virus

What is
pneumococcal disease?

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Come si trasmette l'infezione

Why prevention
is important

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A chi è consigliato il vaccino

When to

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Quando è preferibile vaccinarsi


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PNEUMOVAX (23-valente);

PREVENAR 13 (13-valente);

SYNFLORIX (10-valente)

It is administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

The most common side effects are pain and redness in the injection site, malaise, fever, irritability and headache.

Vaccination must be postponed in individuals with a high fever. It is to be avoided if severe allergic reactions to the vaccine or any of its components have occurred in the past. A case of invasive pneumococcal disease (in which the bacterium penetrated sterile environments such as blood or spinal fluid) in the past is not a contraindication. If pregnant or breast-feeding, it is important to speak to a medical specialist to assess if vaccination should be postponed.

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