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One of the main sources of danger when travelling derives from having insufficient information, which leads to underestimating the risks that might occur. An in-depth pre-trip consultation is the best way to properly address the specific dangers of the trip.

The Medical Induction is the consequence and application of the foreign health protocol  built together with the company doctor.It takes place place in a one-on-one meeting between the worker and a Travel Medicine specialist in which the endemic and environmental risks of the area of travel are analyzed, based on the information of the job to be performed on site, together with the medical history of the traveler. 

Through a targeted and specific consultation, we prepare the employee by indicating all the best practices in order to mitigate risks and thus protect health and safety during their stay abroad. Prevention activities include the promotion of all vaccination cycles and any antimalarial prophylaxis, if provided for in the Foreign Health Protocol. The latter is one of the many Business Travel Medicine services with which Ambimed supports companies in drafting this document, fulfilling our obligation to protect the health of employees, even when they are traveling for work. 

What does Medical Induction provide?

During the consultation, the itinerary, the destination, the program during the stay, the duration of the trip and the period of the year in which the trip is planned are all considered, without forgetting variables such as the seasonality of some diseases.

Furthermore, the alerts published by the WHO together with any other health emergencies in progress within the travel destination are closely analysed. In fact, these factors can cause a radical change in safety requirements with very little notice.

Not all destinations are the same and not all travelers are the same either. In the same way, it is important to consider the traveller's medical history: drugs in use, recent surgical operations, previous pathologies, and pregnancies in progress. The above mentioned are all factors that can influence (even radically) the selection of tools and precautions to be used to ensure maximum safety during the trip. 

When to perform the Medical Induction

The Medical Induction must be performed at least one week before departure. In the case of transfers to tropical or particularly high-risk destinations, it is advisable to do so at least 15 days prior to the trip

In the event of an urgent trip, it is always advisable to carry out the Medical Induction of the traveler, even if this is already at the destination: informing about health risks is the first useful action to prevent inappropriate behavior that can endanger the health of the person traveling.

Ambimed offers the opportunity to carry out these medical consultations at the territorial Travel Clinics network or remotely via video consultation

Ambimed is the single provider for all individual needs before departure, and guarantees that every traveling employee can leave with the correct information and adequate preparation to face the trip with full awareness of health risks, wherever the destination might be.

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