Business Travel Medicine


Many work destinations abroad present particular health scenarios which, due to certain environmental and climatic conditions, can expose the business traveler to additional dangers.

In support of ordinary  Health Surveillance  and prevention activities, Ambimed and its specialists collaborate with the company's doctor, or in some cases the responsible figure appointed by the employer, in identifying these types of risks and in building the health protocols necessary to assess the employee's suitability for the mission.

Why it is important to carry out an assessment of suitability to travel?

The company must provide adequate and individual medical checks in advance for all travellers. The medical examination and checks are defined in the foreign health protocol provided in the Medical Travel Policy and are useful for verifying the physical and mental health of employees in order to later establish their suitability for travel.

During the assessments, Ambimed's medical specialists also evaluate pre-existing or or co-existing health conditions to determine if the employee is able to deal with the additional stress that comes from travelling abroad. In agreement with the company doctor in charge, second-level checks may be requested to complete the employee's clinical report and to therefore define his or her suitability for business travel.

The Medical Fitness Certificate is just one of the many Business Travel Medicine services with which Ambimed supports companies with traveling staff, protecting the health and safety of traveling employees. This is done through a proposal modeled on the specific needs of each individual company. 

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