Prevention campaigns

Prevention campaigns

Organisational and personal well-being are closely related: personal protection is a priority but it is also functional to the company's efficiency and effectiveness objectives. With prevention campaigns created to fully meet the needs of the company, Ambimed assists you in embarking on a path that provides, in addition to regulatory compliance, an opportunity for analysis aimed at improving the interaction process between the individual and the organisation.

Vaccine prevention campaigns
Vaccination, the main ally in the prevention of infectious diseases, is the safest and most effective tool to protect the worker from diseases that can have consequences on health and therefore on productivity. With a network of local clinics in Italy, Ambimed assists you in the implementation of vaccination programmes for your employees and their families.

Covid-19 screening
While waiting for the pandemic situation to normalise, it is important to protect customers, partners and employees with continuous prevention and monitoring activities. Thanks to our network of sample-collection points and laboratories throughout the Italian territory, we can assist our companies in all Covid-19 screening activities. Single or massive screenings can be organised, in clinics or in local operating units. All the tests useful for detecting Sars-Cov-2 infection are available: Rapid Antigenic Swabs, Molecular PCR Swabs and Serological Blood Tests; the test reports are available in Italian and English, result delivery times are short and in any case parameterised on the basis of company needs.

Let's create employee health prevention together
Corporate welfare is the well-being perceived by the employee and is closely linked to the productivity of the company. The greater the attention that the company pays to the emotional balance of its staff, the greater the involvement of workers in the activities.

Our goal is to support customers in developing a health prevention plan for their employeesand their families. For this reason we can create specific plans based on the needs of the company, including on a heterogeneous population of workers.


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