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The constant development of a global and interconnected economy favors continuous travels from one continent to another. At the same time, increasingly unstable scenarios characterized by social/geopolitical crises, wars, epidemics and extreme weather events make it necessary to accurately assess and preventatively manage the risks associated with business travel.
A growing number of employees travel abroad, even for long periods of time, to multiple destinations and often in disadvantaged or unfamiliar environments. Some workers are employed in remote or dangerous locations where local security is inadequate and medical facilities are poor. . Employees travelling to less developed countries may feel unsafe especially when governments are volatile and the travel itinerary is complicated. All of this requires a careful and scrupulous preventive risk analysis. The responsibility of the employer or of the corporate directors in charge of traveling staff therefore assumes an increasingly important and complex role.

In assessing the risks associated with travel, companies must implement all the services necessary to protect the health and safety of employees on work missions abroad, guaranteeing solid support to address the many of problematics that today's business traveler might be required to handle.

ISO 31030:2021 represents the international standard on Travel Risk Management and is applicable to all companies with traveling staff.
The main objectives of ISO 31030 are as follows:


Ensuring the health and safety of employees working abroad is not only key to staff well-being and productivity. It is also essential for continued operational resilience and business success..

How to respond to the health and safety protection needs of employees while travelling?

Ambimed and ACI blueteam , have created a project based on the specific needs of companies with traveling staff: TRAVEL RISK GLOBAL SERVICES.
A suite of fully digitized integrated products and services to provide the company and its employees with a flexible and multi-channel support system to deal with problems and dangers that could arise during travelling abroad. . a flexible and multi-channel support system to deal with problems and dangers that could arise during travelling abroad.
TRAVEL RISK GLOBAL SERVICES contributes in making our clients compliant with ISO 31030:2021, to fulfil the employer's obligations towards its staff, to favoring and supporting an aware global mobility and, therefore, to improve the efficiency of the company.

A consolidated partnership at the service of companies with traveling staff

Ambimed, a highly specialized provider of health, safety & security,supports companies in the assessment and integrated management of medical and security risk with an offer of international assistance services 24/7, ,to support the well-being of business employees who travel to every country in the world.

“Travel Risk Global Services brings together all of Ambimed's expertise in medical prevention and travel safety. Through the integration of digital services and technologies entirely dedicated to the health of traveling personnel, we offer the most valid solutions to prevent and manage the risks associated with business travel".

Alessandro Perone, Chief Operating Officer & Partner di Ambimed

ACI blueteam specializes in services for Business Travel, MICE, Leisure other Agency Services, and is among the top 5 Travel Management Companies by volume in Italy. At the beginning of 2020 the company was acquired by ACI Group (Automobile Club d'Italia), synonymous of history, solidity, safety and reliability

“Travel Risk Global Services was born from the desire to expand the range of services provided to our client companies by providing correct and effective global travel risk management by initiating all the necessary actions to mitigate potential dangers and ensure safe travel. A project that further confirms the winning partnership with Ambimed”.

Paolo Bertola, Commercial & Service Delivery Director ACI blueteam

Services for companies and for travellers

Proper global travel risk management must consider every type of risk, both daily and extreme, initiate the necessary actions to mitigate potential dangers and ensure that employees can travel safely and with confidence, ,aware that the company has taken the appropriate measures necessary to guarantee a complete protection..

TRAVEL RISK GLOBAL SERVICES, in response to the diversified needs of companies with traveling staff, consists of two service packages aimed at protecting the health and safety of business travelers: a BASIC kit and an ADVANCED kit which integrates additional services to the first package.


Travel Security & Health Platform*

A high-tech portal for risk and crisis management through the combination of information, position and communication, available to the company manager for:

  • the analysis of alerts and threats in the world through an intuitive dashboard;
  • the static or dynamic geolocation of employees;
  • the assistance of employees through rapid and safe communication during critical situations that may arise during the trip.

* possibility of customizing the interface in co-branding

Mobile Application*

Security in the palm of your hand, to support business travelers before and during the trip to always be connected with their company and:

  • receive alerts regarding dangers or significant accidents in the travel perimeter and communicate the state of health and/or safety in real time;
  • request rapid emergency assistance in just a few clicks by automatically sharing the position;
  • get an overview of all bookings and receive up-to-date travel information.

* possibility of customizing the interface in co-branding

Dedicated Assistance Center Security & Health

Two control rooms active 24/7 for both safety and health issues, available to the employee for the entire duration of the trip.

Set up activity

For the correct implementation of the TRAVEL RISK GLOBAL SERVICES on the basis of the customer's specifications and internal directives, set-up activities will be foreseen useful for creating the safety and health procedures which will act as guidelines for all corporate bodies and for the individual travellers.

In parallel to these activities, if necessary, the RSPP, the Travel Manager or the company directors in charge will be supported in order to correctly updatr the Risk Assessment Document (DVR) in terms of safety and health for travel abroad.


in addition to the services provided in the "Basic Pack"
Training "Health in the World"

One-hour training course in e-learning mode. The topics addressed concern travel health and prevention: which infectious diseases can be contracted in the world and from which carriers, how to avoid them through correct behavioral or pharmacological prevention. The traveler will be trained to recognize potential dangers to his physical and mental health, without ever underestimating any symptom, however slight.
The course concludes with an assessment test at the end of which a specific training certificate lasting 2 years will be issued.

"Security in the World" training

One-hour training course in e-learning mode. The business traveler will be taught a series of basic notions to evaluate risky situations causing possible accidents. Furthermore, the traveler will be trained to manage dangers and threats regarding travel safety. The course concludes with an assessment test and consequent specific training certificate valid for 2 years.

Creation or updating of the health protocol for travelling abroad

Development of a specific health protocol for the foreign countries in which the company operates its business. All endemic diseases of the target countries are taken into consideration and the individual exposure risks are assessed on the basis of the work activities that will be carried out. The document sets out all the preventive actions useful for protecting the traveler's health, both informative (pre-travel medical induction) and pharmacological (vaccination or prophylaxis). Together with the RSPP (HSE function) and the employer, the prevention system can be implemented with international standards which provide for the Medical Fitness Certificate: a specific medical examination which determines the health status required for an individual employee to travel around the world or, if of clinically indicated, the limitations to its international travel perimeter.

Pre-departure medical induction

A one-to-one interview between the specialist and the traveling employee, remotely-virtually or at the Ambimed Travel Clinics located throughout the Italy. After analyzing the itinerary of the trip, the doctor will provide to the traveler updated information on the endemic situation of the transit and final locations, recommending the best behavioral and pharmacological prophylaxis useful for preventing the risk of contagion or exposure to pathogens. Furthermore, the business traveler will go over the emergency procedures to be implemented in case of need (who to call, what tools are available to him, etc.).br> The purpose of the discussion is to provide the correct information and training so that the employee develops greater awareness of the risks associated with his travel.

Preliminary evaluation of hospitals and hotels

When preparing a trip to visit a customer or supplier, when the company is planning to expand and open new company headquarters in foreign countries or a when a company intends construct a site in a remote or hostile location, an assessment of the neighboring healthcare and hotel structures must not be omitted, both in terms of safety and in terms of medical assistance. In collaboration with a team of expert consultants, Ambimed carries out a preliminary analysis remotely using digital tools and then, in the event of a specific request from the customer, performs an on-site audit to confirm that each single structure complies with the standards declared and envisaged by corporate internal procedures.

Protect your employees on the go, protect your business.

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