Starting with adequate preparation can make the difference when an employee traveling is faced with a danger, both in terms of health and safety.

To support companies in defining the procedures necessary to protect the health of traveling personnel, after having identified and mapped the risks associated with travel through the Medical Travel Policy service, as required by articles 1 and 7 of Legislative Decree 81/08 , Ambimed has structured a pre-travel training regarding general training on travel health risks.

It should not be forgotten that the employer's liability, with regards to accidents or occupational diseases, does not exist if he/she has observed all the preventive measures required by law and adopted all the safety standards to protect employees, including training on risks in voyage. With the training course, the employer complies with legal obligations by informing the employee about the potential dangers associated with travel and providing the right tools to mitigate the risks.

The aims of the pre-travel training

The pre-travel course, lasting approximately 1 hour, is a preliminary training moment for the traveler's departure to a destination other than his own country. Through the transmission of the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt behavior to the various territorial contexts of the trip, the employee will be able to understand dangerous situations and will be able to manage any problems using the resources at his disposal.

The contents of the course

The training includes an overview of the health risks present in the geographical area of destination, an analysis of the main vectors of transmission of endemic diseases, compulsory or recommended vaccinations, an indication of the hygiene measures to be adopted, and possibly, where foreseen, a focus on the extreme environmental conditions of the place of destination and on risky behavior. As indicated in the ISO 31030 guidelines on Travel Risk Management, the best practices to be observed during work missions will be illustrated, including the most suitable hygiene measures and work clothes.

How to attend the Training

The Ambimed pre-travel course can be used remotely in e-learning, FAD or in presence at the company offices.

At the end of the training:

  • The employee will receive the follow-up material of what was illustrated during the course for later consultation;
  • A certificate issued by Ambimed teachers and signed by the employee will allow the company to certify the correct training of its staff on all the topics covered.
It is advisable to repeat the course at least every 2 years to ensure that the learner receives up-to-date information.


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