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Health prevention

Our health is one of the factors that most affects our overall well-being. Wanting to draw on popular wisdom, we could say that “when there is health there is everything.” It is probably an understatement, but it is undeniable that to be well we must be in good health. Poor health means suffering, regardless of the state of the other aspects in our life.

It is for this reason thatAmbimed is committed to supporting your well-being through its prevention services. In our Ambimed Points you will find competent specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, ready to respond to your needs for:

  • Analysis, diagnostic tests and specialist visits;
  • Routine vaccinations;
  • Assistance in booking specialist visits, laboratory tests and reading reports.
What is prevention?

Health prevention is the set of the measures useful to prevent the onset, spread and progression of diseases, as well as to limit irreversible damage when the disease is in progress.

The interventions are divided into primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.

the classic form that includes all the interventions intended to hinder the onset of diseases in the population, fighting the causes and factors that make the population susceptible to them. The interventions aim to change incorrect behaviours and habits.

aims to identify sick or high-risk subjects early, in order to help them recover quickly or to stop the progression of the disease. An intervention on a few individuals is represented by investigations, e.g. epidemiological investigations following a case of infectious disease, while interventions aimed at large homogeneous groups are defined as screening.

tries to limit the problems of diseases that have already been diagnosed and, at times, are at a chronic stage, working to prevent exacerbation and the onset of complications. This prevention extends to the creation of a treatment plan.


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