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Post-return health assessments

Your journey is over,you are back home with a new set of memories, feeling full of energy and ready to rise to everyday challenges. You rested and learned new things, so when you return, your suitcase is much fuller than it was when you left, with all these experiences that will stay with you in the years to come.

But memories are not always the only thing you bring back home Despite all the precautions taken, you may pick up undesired “hitchhikers”, which can cause you to become ill abroad or once you are back home.

For this reason, Ambimed is at the traveller’s side in the delicate phase of post-travel problems. With a network of specialists and facilities of the highest level, you will find that our Ambimed Points provide a complete and tailored service to ensure you and your loved ones stay healthy even after your trip. In questi centri specializzati potrai effettuare In these specialised centres, you will be able to talk to doctors specialised in infectious diseases, which will allow you to identify the cause of the illness affecting you after returning from the trip.

Why request an appointment for a consultation?

Some infections can be easily identified because symptoms appear very soon, while the symptoms of others may not manifest before returning home, with general cycles of malaise that progressively worsen. If left untreated, some of these conditions can seriously damage your health.

When should you ask for medical assistance?

Since symptoms may occur some time after infection, it is advisable to continue monitoring your health for a few weeks after returning from areas with endemic diseases; ask for a medical check-up if persistent disorders occur.

How does it work?

the checkup includes blood tests, a possible electrocardiogram, and then a medical examination with a Travel Medicine Specialist to evaluate the reports of the tests performed in the first phase and analyze the particularities of the trip. Several factors will be considered to identify the ongoing problem

  • The itinerary of the destinations visited, their climate and the duration of the trip
  • Vaccinations you had before travelling and your immune response
  • The activities carried out, exposure to vectors and any bites/stings found
  • Reporting any eating and sexual behaviour
  • The type of accommodation
  • Medical history, including medications currently taken, ongoing pregnancies or breastfeeding

Where necessary, Ambimed Points are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for all the diagnostic tests and investigations required for a rapid and accurate diagnosis.

It is possible to book a consultation in infectious disease to identify an infection or the presence of a parasite. All the best and innovative therapies are put in place to counteract the current disease. Once therapy is initiated, the patient will be followed up by the specialist, with periodic health-monitoring check-ups.

Do you need assistance to identify the causes of discomfort upon returning from a vacation? Don't wait, trust the experts in Travel Medicine and secure your health.

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