Medical scientific and healthcare technical directors

Medical scientific and healthcare technical directors

Ambimed is constantly committed to guaranteeing the best service in the fields of health prevention and safety, both on travel occasions and in the workplace.

The coordination of personnel and organizational processes of medical nature are entrusted to the scientific committee.

The development, promotion and supervision of Travel Medicine, Business Travel Medicine and Occupational Medicine services are managed by the respective scientific directions, led by Dr. Vincenzo Nicosia and by Dr. Joseph La Torre. The health technical direction is entrusted to Dr. Fabio Papalia.

Dr. Giuseppe La Torre
Giuseppe La Torre
Scientific Director of Occupational Medicine

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, specialized in Epidemiology and Public Health, he is an expert in Occupational Medicine, which he has been working on for years as a lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and as Competent Doctor of institutions such as the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome.

Dr. Vincenzo Nicosia
Vincenzo Nicosia
Scientific Director of Travel Medicine

Surgeon, specialist in Travel Medicine and Business Travel Medicine, with a PhD in Infectious Diseases and Public Health. Former President of the Italian Society of Travel and Migration Medicine (SimVim), he has been working since 1995 with important companies mainly abroad and in remote areas where he follows, among other tasks, the activities of Travel Medicine, dealing with pre-trip consultancy , infectious diseases, vaccinations and prophylaxis.

Dr Fabio Papalia
Fabio Papalia
Health Technical Director

Surgeon, specialist in Occupational Medicine. Over time he’s been, Competent Doctor coordinator of numerous national and multinational companies, as well as Medical Technical Director of various Occupational Medicine companies. The main fields of activity and research are those relating to the manual handling of loads, occupational psychology, occupational neurology and psychiatry, the employment of people with disabilities, and medico-legal issues in occupational medicine.

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