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28/03/2024Disease sheet

Dengue fever is an ancient disease of viral origin: the first case is mentioned in a Chinese medical encyclopaedia compiled between the 3rd and 5th centuries.  Descriptions of several epidemics emerged in the 17th century, with the first outbr...

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Major shipping companies redirect traffic away from Red Sea
22/12/2023Health alerts

Multiple major shipping companies (MSC, Maersk, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd), as well as oil company BP, have redirected ships away from the Red Sea due to the threat posed by Houthi rebels from Yemen, who have both seized vessels and shot ballisti...

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Ukraine: Updates to Black Sea maritime traffic
15/12/2023Health alerts

The UK’s Royal Navy will transfer two of its minehunter ships to Ukraine to help the latter reopen "vital export routes" on the Black Sea.  The UK and Norway also announced the establishment of a maritime coalition to help Ukraine to c...

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Egypt: Repressions intensify in lead up to elections
01/12/2023Health alerts

The Egyptian authorities are intensifying their repressions ahead of the Presidential elections set to occur in 2 weeks, on 10-12 December, as the economic and financial situation in the country remains very complicated.  Not only dissen...

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Taiwan: The presidential campaign kicks off
24/11/2023Health alerts

Taiwan’s presidential election campaign officially started on Monday, 20th of November, as the deadline for candidates to register for the January election passed.  Current Vice President William Lai, from the Democratic Progressive Pa...

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Israel: Fighting continues and negotiations stall
17/11/2023Health alerts

IDF said that its troops are raiding certain sections of Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, a complex of buildings where thousands of people are sheltering and conditions for patients continue to grow increasingly grim.   Fighting has...

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Israel enters Gaza City amid international calls for a ceasefire
10/11/2023Health alerts

The IDF stated that it reached “the heart of Gaza City,” as it is surrounded by all sides, and the Gaza Strip is effectively split in half.  What is likely happening right now, or will take place in the immediate future is door-to-do...

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Egypt: International pressure to allow in Palestinian refugees
03/11/2023Health alerts

Over the past week, multiple reports in Israeli and international media suggested that Tel Aviv is active through diplomatic channels in pressuring Egypt to allow hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees from Gaza into the Sinai...

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Mexico: gang violence continues
27/10/2023Health alerts

armed group ambushed and killed more than thirteen law enforcement officers in the Mexican state of Guerrero on Monday, 23 October, including a police chief, adding to a soaring number of deadly attacks against the police in the region. ...

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Israel: update about the war against Hamas
25/10/2023Health alerts

Developments in and around Israel continue broadly on trend, as Israel on one side and Hamas and Hezbollah on the other, continue to exchange fire as Gaza prepares for the Israeli land offensive.  Over the past two days, Israel said that...

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Israel continues preparations for the Gaza invasion
18/10/2023Health alerts

Increasing numbers of Israeli citizens are being evacuated from both Southern and Northern territories.  According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), 500 thousand people are internally displaced within Israel.   The IDF has also repor...

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Israel: Update on the war with Hamas
11/10/2023Health alerts

The Israel Defense Forces unleashed devastating airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, flattening entire neighborhoods, and reducing streets and buildings to rubble, as further details emerge about the extent of the atrocities carried out ...

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Haiti: The UN approves a security force
06/10/2023Health alerts

After almost a year of requesting foreign assistance, Haitian leaders have finally received a positive response from the United Nations.  In fact, the U. N.  Security Council approved the deployment of a multinational force led by Keny...

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Nigeria: Kidnapping and violence are rising
29/09/2023Health alerts

Gunmen in Nigeria killed eight people on Sunday, 24 September, and abducted at least 60 others in two communities of northwest Zamfara state.  This comes only two days after armed men kidnapped 24 women and 11 staff from a university in ...

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Azerbaijan: starts military operations against Nagorno-Karabakh
22/09/2023Health alerts

On Tuesday, 19 September, the Defence Ministry of Azerbaijan announced the start of “anti-terrorist measures” on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, a territory internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan, and surrounded by Azerba...

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Haiti: Insecurity grows in the country
08/09/2023Health alerts

The US embassy in Haiti has invited its citizens to leave the country “as soon as possible”, due to growing insecurity on the island.  This is yet another step that follows a decision last month to evacuate all non-essential staff an...

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Gabon: eighth coup in West and Central Africa since 2020
01/09/2023Health alerts

On the morning of 30 August 2023, a group of 12 military officers announced on TV that they had seized power in Gabon, claiming that the elections held over the weekend were rigged.  The officers cancelled the election results, closed th...

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Niger: Tension is growing
04/08/2023Health alerts

In update to our article dated July 28th; On Tuesday, 1 August, more than 250 Europeans were airlifted from Niger by a French plane amid uncertainty over a regional conflict.   Paris announced its intention to send a second plane, and Rome t...

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Mexico: the security situation deteriorates in the western part of the country
21/07/2023Health alerts

Our  team has focused attention on the recent events happening in Mexico that we consider could pose a threat to those organisations with personnel, assets, and business interests in the region.  We thought this update could come in han...

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Protests across Kenya likely to continue
14/07/2023Health alerts

In Kenya, on Friday, 7 July, supporters of the opposition protested in multiple cities, including in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Kisii, to denounce the high cost of living and tax increases.  The protesters lit bonfires and barricaded s...

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News from Central Africa: Uganda, Congo, Senegal and Mali
23/06/2023Health alerts

Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo: terrorist attack underlines insecurity On Friday, 16 June, terrorists attacked a private boarding school compound in Uganda’s southwest, near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, l...

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