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Thanks to our multisector experience in risk management in various fields (such as government, non-profit organizations, luxury, financial services, and critical infrastructure, etc.), travel security experts support companies operating in challenging environments or complex destinations, providing strategic consulting services to identify areas of efficiency and performance improvement.

Before departure

  • Update of the DVR: analysis and update of the Risk Assessment Document in relation to Security Risks and HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) of the destination, including pandemic risk and related mitigations, culminating in the development of Travel Risk Management policies and procedures.
  • Training courses: provision of e-learning courses, with Distance Learning (DL) and in-person training, to prepare employees for trips with confidence, providing information on personal and corporate security risks.
  • Information services: customized informational materials and intelligence reports specifically created for the client company, related to the destination country, region/city of work, including periodic alerts on the security context of the area of interest.
  • Pre-departure briefing: a one-to-one conversation with a security consultant to prepare the traveler for potential risks associated with the destination and to provide guidance on preventive measures or assistance requests.

During the trip

  • 24/7 Medical Alarm Center for Control, Communication, and Intelligence.
  • Worker traceability through GPS devices and/or digital tools (Mobile APP): personnel monitoring and the ability to report incidents via a Panic Button/SOS to request support from the operations center.
  • News and Alerts to stay updated on significant events in the places of interest.
  • (Optional) Attachment system to synchronize essential documents such as passports, identification cards, travel tickets, vaccination records, and agenda on the Mobile APP.
  • (Optional) Collection of specific points of interest in the region, such as recommended and verified accommodation and healthcare facilities.
  • - Facilitation and close/executive protection services.

Upon return

When returning to the base, it is important to verify with the traveler if the information and training provided before departure were effective and useful during the trip. In the event of an incident, regardless of its severity, it is crucial to interview the traveler to analyze their mitigation actions and the context in which the event occurred.
These activities help the company, the employer, and their representatives verify if the employed procedures were correctly structured and implemented or if subsequent modifications and/or enhancements are necessary based on recorded adverse events.

On-Demand Services

Additionally, a package of specific services can be tailored to support personnel during their stay abroad and provide security analysis activities for the company.

  • Crisis Management
  • Security assessment at locations of interest (such as offices, industrial sites, residences, and hotels).
  • Country Evacuation Plan.
  • Crisis Team for extractions.
  • Kidnap for Ransom Management negotiator.
  • Expat/Local Team Leader.
  • Close Protection Officer.
  • Security Driver.
  • Soft-skin/protected vehicles.
  • Extractions with vehicles suitable for specific needs: by road, sea, or air.
  • Corporate Security Management
  • Review and development of policies, plans, and procedures.
  • Quality assurance programs.
  • Risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment.
  • Compliance and supplier standards.
  • Investigations and Due Diligence
  • Employee screening and background checks.
  • Anti-money laundering and KYC (Know Your Customer) controls.
  • Verification of contractors and third parties.
  • Reputational assessment and monitoring.
  • Cybersecurity
  • Network security.
  • Endpoint monitoring.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the corporate network.
  • Incident management.
  • Corporate brand monitoring.

Why choose Ambimed for your Travel Security?

Trust: Our consultants have deep expertise and extensive experience in risk management.
Knowledge: Thanks to our international know-how, we operate where others cannot.
Professionalism: We ensure that the proposed solutions comply with internationally recognized industry standards.
Protection: Our services are structured to guarantee the safety of employees and company assets.
Flexibility: Our offering is customer-centric and tailored to the needs of each individual situation.
Quality: We put maximum effort into satisfying every client's expectations.

Protect your traveling employees, safeguard your business.

Your safety and health are at the heart of our commitment.
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