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Dengue vaccine
01/09/2023Vaccine sheet

DENGUE VACCINE Prezzo del vaccino 180 € * prenota * Il prezzo esposto non compre...

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International vaccinations

International vaccinations are all those vaccinations that are compulsory and recommended, in order to travel to the tropics (tropical vaccinations), or before a trip to an area with a risk of endemic diseases.

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Hope from research for a universal flu vaccine

 An experimental vaccine designed to protect against several strains of the flu virus produced promising results in an efficacy study.  NIAID investigator Matthew J.  Memoli, M. D. , conducted the study, which involved administering o...

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Diphtheria: could it become a major global threat?

Diphtheria is a relatively easy infection to prevent, largely thanks to the availability of effective vaccines.  Currently, however, the diphtheria bacterium is evolving to become resistant to a number of classes of antibiotics and in future c...

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26/01/2023Vaccine sheet


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Covid-19, colds and flu: discover the differences

The difference between Covid-19, influenza and colds. There are many similarities and few differences, so let's find out what these differences are so we can recognise the symptoms of Covid-19.

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HPV prevention and treatment

Primary Prevention (vaccination)   Primary prevention against HPV is mainly through vaccination.  This is discussed in detail in the section on the HPV vaccine.    Primary prevention (prophylaxis) of sexually...

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Diseases and vaccinations
18/07/2022Structural pages

In this section you can consult our sickness fact sheets and vaccine fact sheets, where present, to have all the detailed information that may be useful to you.  Tropical Epidemies Other ...

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COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) - Vaccine
05/07/2022Vaccine sheet

COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) - Vaccine The disease that marked the beginning of this decade, COVID-1...

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History of the Smallpox vaccine

Smallpox is a contagious disease of viral origin that is fatal in 30% of cases.  The World Health Organisation declared the disease officially eradicated in 1980.  Because it is a viral disease, treatment with antibiotics is not effecti...

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The first vaccination campaign against malaria

Malawi is the first country to launch a malaria vaccination campaign, with a pilot project that will also cover other countries such as Kenya and Ghana.  The vaccine, called RTS,S, will be available to children from the age of two.  The...

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Flu, know it to prevent it

Flu is a highly contagious viral disease that infects the airways such as the nose, throat and lungs and is transmitted through droplets of mucus and saliva, or by contact with contaminated hands.  The primary objective of flu prevention...

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But how well do vaccination campaigns work in the world?

Vaccines are one of the most powerful tools for substantially reducing mortality and are among the most cost-effective health interventions.  In addition to the direct protection provided to vaccinated individuals, high levels of vaccina...

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